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Our web interface

For simple and efficient administration

Through our self-developed web interface you can control your music bot in a completely new way. This makes creating, managing and playing new music a breeze.
And due to our large development team we can always adapt the web interface to your wishes.

Server at over 5 locations

Especially for you we have servers in over 5 locations, so you have the fastest connection to your bot.

In case of emergency our support team will help you

If you have any questions or problems, our support team will be happy to help you.

High quality bots

We use our own software for the bots to provide you with the highest quality of service.

Free Version

Even without paying, you can create a few music bots to enjoy your favorite music without paying anything.

Discord Bots

Music / Management Bot

music system
survey system
Mute/Ban System
Simple web interface
Setup in seconds
Create Discordbot

TeamSpeak Bots


Almost everything adjustable
Music Library
Control via Commands
Simple web interface
Setup in seconds
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Feedback from our community

Yannik @notsaurus

I think the interface is very nicely designed. With the Discord Bot I had a small bug in the system at the beginning, which was fixed in the twinkling of an eye. I've only had the bot since yesterday, but I like it very much, because it has good and better features than our previous music bot on our discord, which is why we're slowly switching to your bot now. :) A compliment also to you for your fast and friendly support

ItzTopic @ItzTopic

Fast and easy, the web interface is simple but informative. When installing a bots everything is explained and very simple so that everyone can understand it. Then the countries selection at the musicbots: I think it's good that you're not bound to countries like Germany but even if you come from Austria you have a small selection.

Asi @Azzeeyy_

I really have to say that you've improved a lot. Above all, that you also offer this free of charge and I'm still gonna go through with it. The uptime is now also top ^_^

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