Our DDoS protection

We protect our network very effectively against DDoS attacks by using detection software and Prefilter. The protection automatically detects and filters harmful traffic and protects your server against DDoS attacks up to 250Gbps.

If you want to protect a website (HTTP or HTTPS) against DDOS attacks, we additionally recommend for a higher efficiency the use of Layer 7 protection. A DDoS attack can be prevented using Layer 7 Protection can be detected and filtered much faster. During an attack, the server remains accessible and you can use your services normally. Not relevant ports are blocked as long as the attack continues.

There are different types of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. Basically, under a DDoS to understand a "denial of service", which is intentionally caused by a large number of requests and thus leads to an overload of the data network or the server.

The Layer 7 DDoS protection

DDoS attacks can target different layers. In comparison In the past, current DDoS attacks often targeted the top layer: Layer 7 is the application layer and serves to provide functions for the applications and is

The Layer 7 attacks target specifically the Layer 7 protocols such as Telnet, FTP, NNTP, HTTP or SMTP. Compared to other DDoS attacks, Layer 7 attacks require far less bandwidth and packets to cause a disruption of services. A low-level protocol attack such as SYN flood requires a huge number of packets to perform an effective DDoS attack, while a Layer 7 attack only requires a limited number of packets to launch a large DDoS attack

The most common of the Layer 7 attacks is HTTP Flooding. Here, an HTTP request is sent to the affected server, using considerable resources and although the number of packets is limited here, these use all server resources fully and lead to a refusal of Services.

Layer 4 DDoS protection

Layer4 attacks (infrastructure layer) are usually UDP or SYN Floods, which can cause enormous Send data to the IP address to crash the server behind it. Following our DDoS protection protects your servers from layer 4 attacks:

The best

We offer you full control over DDoS protection against an IP address: In the RadioBots Cloud you can activate the most suitable filter for Layer4 and Layer7 attacks.

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