What is a domain?

A domain is your connection to your website. While a server is usually accessible via an IP address, a combination of numbers, a domain covers this. This means that potential customers do not have to remember the IP address, but only the domain.

What does an ideal domain name look like?


Short and natural words in the domain name have a better effect on the customer and make the name unforgettable.


The shorter the domain, the better. Try to be forceful and yet say everything about your project.


avoid hyphens or similar in the name: Alphabetical letters and numbers work best.


Try to adapt the domain to your audience: This will not only increase the click-through rate, but also increase your SEO!

Our domain portfolio

With us you have a choice of over 300 endings

A domain from RadioBots offers you these features:


We provide your desired domain free of charge own name servers with a comfortable DNS editor


Our provided name servers support IPv4 and IPv6 so that you can continue to be reachable in the future.

Easy management

In unserem Control Panel kannst du DNS Einträge erstellen oder deine Domain z.B. mit einem Webhosting verknüpfen.

Do you need help with your choice?

Our customer service is also there for you before your first order. Contact us and we will be happy to help you choose the right product for your business.

Ready when you are.

Our infrastructure is ready to grow with your business.

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