For what a TeamSpeak Musicbot?

If you have your own TeamSpeak server or access to another one, many users will not be able to avoid a music bot. This can have many reasons: The drowning out of silence, background music or just plain talk. Our music bots are made for that: After the order you start the music bot, which then appears as a normal user on the server. And as soon as you select a music stream in our control panel, it already starts playing music - of course we also offer many other functions.

Music in highest quality

Listen to your favorite music on our music bots in brilliant quality (64kpbs). The control of the bot is very simple via our control panel.

Setup in 30 seconds

DDoS protection

Functional Control Panel

Intuitive music control

In our control panel you can easily play new music on your musicbot. If you want to build a playlist, you can also move songs to the playlist. But we also have suitable tools for that "DJ feeling": Adjust volume, pause and play songs in a continuous loop with one click.

Control Panel
Control Panel

Wide range of settings

Besides the quick change of nickname, server address or the server/channel password, we offer useful options such as setting the default channel, which the bot enters automatically at startup. But you can also write the description of the music bot yourself or let it generate dynamically with e.g. the current song title, or let it announce the currently started song in the channel automatically.

ab 1,00€ / Monat

  • Web-Streams/Radios abspielbar
  • Vielfältige Einstellungsmöglichkeiten

Ready when you are.

Our infrastructure is ready to grow with your business.

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