Terms of Service


  1. We from RadioBots offer you a platform to create 100% free musicbots. To give musicbots to as many persons as possible, every user need to respect our terms of service.
  2. If you break our rules or violate against applicable law we are allowed to deny access to our platform and shutdown your musicbots without giving any reason.


  1. Usually, our platform is available around the clock, every day. Unfortunately, interruptions or maintenance may need to be performed at a cost of the availability of our platform.
  2. So our platform can suit as many users as possible at the same time, your musicbots cannot be online 24/7. Your musicbot needs to be renewed every few days to stay online. You are not allowed trying to manipulate this system in any way.

Playing music

  1. Every user is responsible for the music that they are playing on their musicbot. You need to make sure you are not breaking any active laws or copyright infringement. You may ask the artist for permission before using their work.

User accounts

  1. You are not allowed to create multiple accounts on our platform to create more musicbots.
  2. Giving access to any other person to your account for money is strictly prohibited.


  1. Your are are not allowed compromise the security of our platform by e.g. gaining access to data that is not activated for your account.
  2. If you find a bug or exploit on our website that may accomplish the integrity or security of our platform, immediately contact us. Bugusing is not tolerated and may result in an account deletion.